Friday, November 15, 2019

Akashic Records

Timeless, immortal records of all created things, especially souls and their many lifetimes. There are many varying accounts of Akashic Records, however, in the I AM America Teachings these records are held individually and ethereally (Fifth Dimension) in Golden City Vortices. The Seventh Light Body is an egg-shaped ovoid with extremely strong threads of light that form a golden grid. This energy body contains both the Golden Thread Axis and Tube of Light that connect to the I AM Presence. It is alleged that this light body holds personal Akashic Records that are key to past-life memory. Akashic Records contain the accounts of all created things and events from time immemorial, both significant and insignificant. These records are constructed from the fifth cosmic element: ether.
from Sacred Energies of the Golden Cities