Friday, November 15, 2019

Ninth Light Body

This body of light is known as The Divine Blueprint, as it represents the innate perfection of the divine HU-man. It is an energy field that is developed through uniting dual forces, and requires an in-depth purification of thought. In fact, this energy field causes the soul to face and Master those negative, dark, forces that the Spiritual Teachers refer to as a type of mental purgatory. This energy body processes extreme fears and transmutes them. The transmutation completely restructures beliefs, and purifies energies held in the lower mental bodies accumulated throughout all lifetimes. This produces an alchemizing, divine, Human Mental Body that develops approximately thirty-six feet from the human body. This energy field first appears as nine independent triangular-gridded spheres. Apparently, the nine glowing spheres grow in circumference and, inevitably, morph into one glowing energy body. As the Ninth Light Body develops, it is extremely responsive to telepathy and group thought, and progresses to act and influence collective thought and consciousness. In its early to mid-stages of development, this energy body emits a high frequency violet light that evolves into the alchemic Violet Flame. The Spiritual Teachers claim that the decree, “I AM the Presence of Collective Thought,” is its energetic mantra. The refined energies of the mature Divine Blueprint inevitably contract and concentrate in a similar manner to the Eighth Light Body. As it draws its auric field closer to the physical body; within two to four inches, it radiates gold and then a bluish-silver light that reflects the strength of its protective shield.
from “Fields of Light,” by Lori Toye