Friday, November 15, 2019

The Rays and Earth's Light Bodies

Earth Ray: This Ray draws energy from the Prahanic Body of Earth. It is a denser Ray Force, and gives life to all created forms on Earth. The lighter pastel colors of the Blue Ray, the Pink Ray, and the Yellow Ray also correspond to Earth’s First Light Body.
Blue Ray: The Dark Blue Ray and Cobalt Blue Ray draw energy and force from Earth’s Second Light Body, known as Everno.
Pink Ray: The Magenta-Pink Ray draws energy and force from Earth’s Third Light Body Eshano. Eshano is affiliated with the everchanging evolutionary needs of life on Earth.
Yellow Ray: The Yellow Ray draws energy and force from the Earth’s Fourth Light Body Buitsha. This light body is associated with the “collective subconscious” of humanity.
White Ray: The White Ray draws energy and force from Earth’s Fifth Light Body. Earth’s Fifth Light Body is also known as the Golden Grid that empowers the fifty-one Golden Cities.
Green Ray: The Green Ray draws energy and force from Earth’s Sixth Light Body – a Cosmic Celestial Body. Earth’s Sixth Light body is affiliated with Avatars not only from Earth, but from nearby Galaxies. It is said to hold vast amounts of information: spiritual, prophetic, scientific, and Akashic. As a note, this is the energetic level that was accessed to download many of the I AM America prophecies and accompanying spiritual information.
Ruby-Gold Ray: The Ruby-Gold Ray draws energy and force from the Earth’s Seventh Light Body, also known as the Cosmic Causal Body. The Cosmic Causal Body of Earth is associated with the Great Central Sun – the Galactic Center.
Violet Ray: The Violet Ray draws energy and force from the Connectosphere, also known as Earth’s Eighth Light Body. The Connectosphere holds all of the lower Seven Bodies of the Earth together, and is associated with interstellar Unity Consciousness.
from Fields of Light