Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Awakening Prayer

Group and individual meditation of the Awakening Prayer encourage a heightened spiritual consciousness and Cellular Awakening. Learn more about the Awakening Prayer in “Sisters of the Flame.
Great Light of Divine Wisdom,
Stream forth to my being,
And through your right use
Let me serve mankind and the planet.
Love, from the Heart of God.
Radiate my being with the presence of the Christ
That I walk the path of truth.
Great Source of Creation.
Empower my being,
My Brother,
My Sister,
And my planet with perfection
As we collectively awaken as one cell.
I call forth the Cellular Awakening.
Let wisdom, love, and power stream forth to this cell,
This cell that we all share.
Great Spark of Creation awaken the Divine Plan of Perfection.
So we may share the ONE perfected cell,