Friday, November 15, 2019

Come Forth in Your Light

This lesson, in basic terms, reiterates a spiritual guideline for achieving wholeness, light, and Ascension. The basic premise is that it is up to each and every one of us to consciously raise our own vibration, through the calibration of our everyday thoughts, feelings, actions, and desires. Why? Because today and tomorrow this precious world is in need of your “light and love.” Because, undoubtedly a “Change of Heart can Change the World.”
“Greetings in the Breath, Sound, and Light of the Most Radiant One! I AM Saint Germain and I come forth to give you discourse, to bring the Light of God that Never Fails. Do I have permission to enter your energy fields of consciousness as you read this? “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.” This age-old saying is a truth and as truth, it is unlimited, for as beauty is beheld, so too is light and dark. It is the focus that creates the reality and the focus is guided by the intent.
To those who behold dark, it is dark that they fear and see in everything. In the intent to eliminate the dark, the focus gives the dark a power that feeds the fear and doubt. So in this dark, they see only a focus of dark and judgment that is carried to all they contact and to all with whom they speak. For the thought and the word are the tools of creation. Again, upon what you focus, is that which you create and recreate. To those who behold light, it is the same. The light begets light. In the intent to create light, the light is the focus and is expanded to the consciousness that is carried to all and so, the cycle is in a perpetual expanding motion for everyone to enjoy. To create a focus of light, one does exclude all focus of dark. Your thoughts, feelings, actions, and desire for the Divine Will of the God Source are the key to the vessels that you all are, in this plane of conscious activity.
Consider again, as you speak, that creation is responding to your creation of word. The word is the power of creation in this plane and planet. You, as creators, are creating this world, word by word, thought by thought. Your feelings and actions are given power by your focus of thoughts, and your words create space for the action to manifest. Your feelings intensify your words, which expands the space that, in turn, quickens the action. You are the Love of God that Never Fails. You are the Light of God that Never Fails.
The time is now, that your thoughts, feelings, actions, and desires truly manifest who you are in this schoolhouse of divinity. The focus of your personal peace and your personal light are the Love of the Mother/Father God that Never Fails. Take this to heart, for the world is in need of your light and your love. You are all the foundation of Creation. Come forth in your light and expand to all those around you. Speak the words of light; act the acts of love; feel the love in action, for you are as God is, Creators! Go forth and create the Light of God that Never Fails and be as the Love of God is: truly nonjudgmental; unconditionally loving; grateful of all; and of fruitful service.
I AM ONE with you. I AM Saint Germain.”
from Fields of Light, by Lori Toye