Friday, November 15, 2019

Conception of Perfection

"Welcome, my Beloved chelas, I AM Mary and I come forth on that which is the Green Ray, brought forth for the ministry of service upon the planet. Dear one, that which is the service of the heart has long been seen as the Heart’s Desire. There are those upon the Earth Plane and Planet who see desire as passion or desire as the whim of the ego. However, Dear one, it is I who would like to clarify that which is desire. Desire is that within the genetic coding, held within the heart’s self, which strives the being, or the body of light, to obtain ONE with perfection for the removal of the separation. Dear one, you have known and you have felt separation and we have explained to you simply that it is not so. This is not a new concept to you; however, it becomes a perpetual and continuous choice that you make in your Third Density world.
Dear one, desire is that which comes from the Perfected Cell. It is indeed the cell that duplicates throughout the system and allows one to perceive or even have the conception of perfection. Dear one, it was I who individualized the conception of a Perfected Cell, even within a human body, itself. It was this conception of this Perfect Cell that allowed me to bring forth the individualization of the Immaculate Conception. Immaculate Conception is exactly as it states: “immaculate” means purity of thought and intent. There is indeed a focus that is held for that which is the Perfect Cell. The Perfect Cell is founded on that which is the space or frequency known as desire.
All of you hold desire within this Perfect Cell. For you see, Dear one, it cannot come forth without the desire of perfection. For any of you who have achieved anything in your Third Density world, anything that is held of great value to you - having assisted you in your growth and your world or work - was something that you desired. It was something that you held long, not only within your thinking world, but in your heart, longing for. This is known as desire, Dear one, this heart’s longing. Desire is indeed a function of the Cellular Awakening. It is an important concept or perception that you must hold.
Dear one, it has been said that a man cannot win a race unless he sees himself as the winner. You indeed cannot become perfected until you have the desire to be perfect. This desire is built upon the Eight-sided matrix of the Perfect Cell. We ask for you, Dear one, to judge not the form, but to honor the function. Beloved Lady Master Venus has talked much about Divine Form and now I shall speak to you about Divine Function. The function of the Perfect Cell allows the body to accept the new energetic pattern of perfection. This is indeed a new concept to you; however, it is the concept that was held long in your own Immaculate Conception.
Dear one, you carry the blueprint of perfection. This is always and always shall be.
Dear one, I AM Mary and I step forth on the blueprint of perfection. I AM that which is held, the Immaculate Concept of perfection and that indeed is the work of a heart, individualized upon the Earth’s Plane and Planet. Step forth, Dear one, immaculately conceived in perfection, for you are only that. Dear one, it is through your desire and the balance of love, wisdom, and power that build the foundation for the intent and motivation of desire. Dear one, I come to you, I come to you through that which I AM - Love."
from Fields of Light by Lori Toye