Thursday, November 14, 2019

Spiritual Hierarchy: Part Four

The Cosmic I AM Presence of the Solar Hierarchy projects into the Creative Hierarchy through the human heart, and radiates into the Unfed Flame; this is surrounded by the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection. Human growth evolves through basic psychological and physical needs through ongoing spiritual interaction with the Guardian Angel, Spirit Guides, and Spirit Teachers. According to Theosophical thought, a spirit is incorporeal intelligence and can exist in almost limitless ranges of hierarchical classes: highest, intermediate, and lower. Naturally, these interactions evolve the Lower Self, the animal nature within man, and awaken the Higher Self, as a direct and personal experience of our true nature. Interaction with the Higher Self is also known as the Holy Spirit, a component of the I AM Presence. [Editor’s Note: Some esoteric scholars claim that animals are evolved elemental beings of the Third Kingdom.]
The Awakened Human evolves to embrace the higher qualities of the Astral Body through the Christ-self (friendship, love, compassion), and the advanced characteristics of the Causal Body through the Solar Angel (leadership, confidence, respect, achievement). The I AM Presence instigates the human need for morality, ethics, Co-creation, and problem solving. Psychologist Abraham Maslow identifies a similar pattern of human development through his theory of the hierarchy of needs, which identifies stages of human growth. As self-actualization is developed and evolved, the human needs change with the requirement for knowledge, beauty, and creativity. According to Maslow, these are the impulses of self-actualization, the birth of the HU-man. Maslow’s metaneeds, the human ideals which drive consciousness toward self-realization, mirror the Ascended Master’s Twelve Jurisdictions. The Twelve Jurisdictions are spiritual virtues, and when developed and applied, compel the growth of the HU-man and humanity’s entrance into the Ascension process. The table below illustrates parallels between the two systems:
Jurisdiction and the Metaneed or Highest Need
Harmony - Unity
Abundance - Richness, Complexity
Clarity - Truth
Love - Goodness, Uniqueness, Individuality
Service - Meaningfulness, Value
Illumination - Truth and Goodness, Ease
Cooperation - Perfection, Balance and Harmony
Charity - Fairness
Desire - Aliveness and Spontaneity
Faith - Autonomy, Self-Sufficiency
Stillness - Simplicity, Essence, Beauty, Rightness of Form
Creation - Completion
Creativity - Individuality (as individuus: the undivided), Unity
from Divine Destiny by Lori Toye