Thursday, November 14, 2019

Write and Burn Technique

The Write and Burn Technique helps students and chelas transmute any and all unwanted situations and circumstances, primarily undesirable dysfunctional life patterns. A venerated practice of the Ascended Masters, this type of journaling involves a handwritten letter—a petition—to the I AM Presence for Healing and Divine Intervention. The process encompasses two objectives: identifying and releasing unwanted and outdated energy or attracting and manifesting new and evolving energies. After the letter is written, it is then burned, either by fire or by light. Most students prefer to burn by fire. If, however, you choose to burn by light, place the document under a light source for twenty-four continuous hours. Insidious problems and complex manifestation petitions may require up to one week of light exposure. The success of the light method and the subsequent acceptance of a petition depend on the reliability of the light source; the concentration of light must be continuous and without problems, e.g. blackouts, burnouts, and so on. If the issues are profound, you may need to probe deeper by identifying and addressing personal problem or life patterns. You may also want to consider rephrasing your approach to the problem, rewriting the letter, or both. Write and burn templates are provided below.
Transmute and Release Energy Patterns: Make one handwritten copy of this letter. In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I release this to the Universe to be transmuted. (List the energy or behavior patterns you have identified. Some students also insert various alchemic decrees to the Violet Flame to dissolve, consume, and transform the energy.) Sign and date the letter. Burn the letter by fire or by light.
Attract and Manifest New Energy Patterns: Make two handwritten copies of this letter. In the name of I AM THAT I AM, I release this to the Universe to be fulfilled, maintained, and sustained in perfect alignment to the Divine Will. (List the new energy or behavior pattern you would like to Co-create.) Sign and date the letter. Burn one copy by fire or by light. Keep the other copy in a sacred place (e.g. personal altar, family bible, favorite spiritual book) until you have achieved your goal or desired behavior change, and then burn that copy by fire.
From Light of Awakening