Friday, November 15, 2019

The Master Teacher Assists the Chela

Question: Thank you. As I understand it, when the student is ready to be of help or service, the Master Teacher can then also match, energy for energy, this help and service. Does not that service, being for the upliftment of all of humanity, then uplift the student as well?

It is true Dear one, Dear heart, for the Master Teacher, no longer bound by time, no longer bound by the fruit of the physical body, is then able to work energy at another level, at another level beyond the comprehension and the understanding of the student. When the Master Teacher, no longer bound by the restraints of the physical, enters into the field of the chela, the Master Teacher then is able to lift, guide, and assist the chela into greater understanding and into greater awareness. Of course, much of this is achieved in the dream state and in the schooling that continues on an ongoing state. But there is also that which is brought into the conscious awareness.
Sometimes this is through the corner of the eye. You will notice a flash of light. There will even be that Master who will put on a disguise of the Ray Forces and appear in an unassuming manner, asking a question of you in the physical, offering assistance in some peculiar, subtle, and unknowing way. This vibration comes forward to bring its service in a greater alignment to the Plan Divine. The Master Teacher is readying the student to gather force unto himself or herself in the physical plane; for you see, your work is in the physical plane. You are given assistance through the other realms and other dimensions, spiritual energies in a way to give you understanding. These of course uplift you and develop the will. The will then is ready to gather unto itself the force, the readiness, and the Divine Willingness. Through this development of the will, the chela then achieves a greater understanding. Many of the ancient shamans who understood the Earth Forces also understood the great will, the choice, and the intention to work with the physical energies to raise the body beyond the limits of the flesh.
-Saint Germain from Temples of Consciousness