Friday, November 15, 2019

Creativity Is the Becoming

You who are breath of my breath! Heart of my heart! You! I AM very pleased that you have continued on in the trade that we ply here of messengership. I AM very pleased that you hold the desire of completion! Now we come to the final step of references noted in this book for the Province, these Jurisdictions. We come to this final step so that all may understand Creativity! So that all may understand that the vibration of Creation comes forth from the Desire of Creativity!
This Creativity is the actual expression of active energy, the activated motion of Creation. For a thing of beauty that is set in a moment of perfection is indeed, in that moment, always in perfection! It is the becoming of the Creativity that is the motion that brings forth the Creation. This comes only from desire. Creativity is the process and the path that all must follow to bring forth the perfection of Creation! It is the perfect Oneness, the eternal understanding that allows motion.
It is the becoming. It is the unfolding. It is the enfolding. It is the expansion. It is even the compaction of the motion of Creation! Creativity is the sum and total of all frequencies of Creation being expressed.
See Creativity as you sow the seed in the field. See Creativity as you carve the wood to fulfill your Desire, as you paint the picture, as you draw and design your buildings and machines.
See Creativity in the words your write. See Creativity in the love you express! See Creativity in the sports, the excelling of your bodies. All is the expression of Creation and each of these is a frequency of Creation. Each frequency is Creativity, and it is the collective Creativity that is the I AM of Creation.
Lord Sananda from New World Wisdom, Volume One