Friday, November 15, 2019

Subjective Energy Bodies

A spurious type of energy—often encountered through drug and alcohol abuse—subjective energy bodies produce a false sense of consciousness. When triggered, it elicits a lower consciousness and a behavior-changing “thought-form.” Popular belief perpetuates this notion: the idea that addictive substances increase a person’s state of euphoria and relationship to a higher power. When in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. Drugs and alcohol actually suppress lower energy fields and block the ability to create elevated states of consciousness. The experience of love without fear, the sense of pure joy without anxiety, and the ability to live on life’s terms are rare. Yet, the exhilaration produced by a high compels the user to chase experiences sans the emptiness of lower vibrating energy. But, as tolerance necessitates the need for more, the addict or alcoholic futilely struggles to achieve an artificial divine connection authentically produced through sincere and careful spiritual cultivation. What’s left, after the intoxication ebbs, is a more desperate need to fill that spiritual void.
Humans, however, can suppress lower vibrations through contact with a higher consciousness: meditation and other spiritual disciplines are excellent means to achieve this end. But, because this growth is achieved through the Transmutation of lower level energies, subjective energy bodies are not present or created. This base force has limited range; it floats in astral planes and passes from one lifetime to the next in the form of discordant, obsessive thoughts and behaviors. Repetitious ideas, feelings, and actions carry consciousness or Karmic “energetic patterns” of which one is not responsibly aware. The Master Teachers calls this an “invisible creation.”
from Points of Perception by Lori Toye