Friday, November 15, 2019

Tenth Light Body

This is the final level of three protective HU-man light bodies, which is formed through the purification of desires, and is known as the Diamond Mind. Because this energy body gathers thought as light, it is a substantive and sizeable light body. The Spiritual Teachers often refer to the three protective Human energy bodies as the Triple Gems, and together they are strong enough to pierce human illusion. Combined with the four higher primal energy bodies – the Fourth Light Body to the Seventh Light Body – the total sum of these energy bodies produces the alchemic number seven. In this septagonal order, the Diamond Mind helps to produce the Lighted Stance and the inevitable attainment of the Seamless Garment.
The Lighted Stance is a state of conscious perfection – a precursor to Ascension. The soul’s ability to manifest the Seamless Garment bestows the Master with the ability to travel and experience the Astral and Physical planes without spiritual corruption or physical disintegration. This mature energy body compacts itself to reside approximately six inches from the physical body, and is alleged to have the strength and brilliance of “ten-thousand diamonds.” This energy body also exhibits complete Mastery over thought, feeling, and action – the first three primal human Energy Bodies, and can dissolve or manifest their physical presence at will; or, it can take form for whatever cause, circumstance, or “task at hand,” without any limitation.
from Fields of Light by Lori Toye