Wednesday, November 13, 2019


In common English, vibration comes from the word vibrate, which means to move, swing, or oscillate. In Ascended Master teachings, vibration is associated with light’s movement in both physical and spiritual presence. In this context, light is affiliated with Wisdom, Love, and Power—attributes of the Unfed Flame and the expansion of the heartflame through spiritual enlightenment. According to Master Kuthumi, increased light results in spiritual evolution, and this produces greater intuitive and psychic abilities; harmony with others, including the Animal and Fourth Dimensional Nature Kingdoms. Our vibration is calibrated by our thought processes—which consciousness grows out of—and these processes are fed by personal perceptions and choices. Kuthumi calls this the Eye of Consciousness, which is crucial to our personal level of vibration. States and levels of consciousness are perhaps the most powerful tools of vibration, and they create through the Out-picturing Process our recognition of human or HU-man experience. - Lori Toye, from Light of Awakening