Thursday, November 14, 2019

Angels of the Violet Flame

The Angels of the Violet Flame protect the purity of the Flame, dispense its transforming vibration, and carry the transmuting energies of the Flame whenever called upon. These angels can be summoned to assist with decrees and meditation regarding spiritual growth, governmental freedoms and rights, wealth and supply, and to hasten the Ascension Process. Perhaps Angels of the Violet Flame are best known for their ability to expedite healing. Edna Ballard of the I AM Activity writes: “When you want to call forth the Healing Flame to assist someone, hold the picture of the Violet Flame Angel, and watch from the Sun Presence of its heart the projection of a Flame, the center part pink, the outer violet and the outer radiance blue, reaching out and going forth to enfold your Loved Ones, or any one to whom you wish to give assistance.
This can also reach out and into the mental and feeling world of an individual, quiet disturbance, purify and raise the vibratory action of the Inner Bodies into the same Great Purity and Love which the Healing Angels project!”
The following is a decree from the I AM Activity teachings to the Violet Flame Angels for healing:
“Beloved Mighty I AM Presence and Blessed Nada!
I DEMAND the Healing Flame of Love from the Angels of the Violet Consuming Flame COME FORTH in and around me and all under This Radiation, to purify and perfect our bodies! I DEMAND the Violet Flame Angels of Healing Love come and abide with me and heal all I contact!”
-from Light of Awakening