Friday, November 15, 2019

Transmuting Genetically Held Fear

For you see, Dear ones, there are those who live with great fear, those who live with the fear of impending doom, those who would live, shall we say, seeking only protection and safety from fear which resides within themselves. Now, this fear has occurred for many generations and lifetime after lifetime, and, you see, it can adhere to the genetic structure and is passed on from one family to the next and to the next. When an opportunity like this occurs, this allows one to transmute, even genetically, lifetime after lifetime of genetic-held fear—Cellular Fear. The light that emanates from the Great Central Sun is the light that shall free you all. It is the Light of Awakening. When we gave you instruction of the Cellular Awakening, this is, too, what we were referring to, and the increase of light is available for all to partake of. There are many opportunities that will come to accelerate this light process upon the Earth. It is indeed an acceleration of the light process, an acceleration of love, and an acceleration of Unity Consciousness. This is the only solution that can stop cataclysmic change and heal all as ONE.
    Prophecy, as you know Dear beloveds, has been brought forward, to expedite this process, to bring forward the unconscious fear within yourself. Facing fears enables purification and redemption; then one is able to face the future with hope and love and a willingness to create for the good of all. Indeed when all are in this Consciousness of Light then—truly then, and I say this from a firmness of knowledge—all benefit; all are then received as ONE. So you see, during this process you spin off the past; spin off the karma of many lifetimes of fear, of war, of poverty, deceptions, betrayals, and the little hurts that occur to one. Now we see the results of past dharma and your purpose is connected to letting go of fear, letting go of the little wants, letting go of the little trappings that can keep you trapped within the world of your perception. – Saint Germain
From: Building the Seamless Garment: Revealing the Secret Teachings of Ascension and the Golden Cities