Friday, November 15, 2019

Cells, Citrus, and Energy by Saint Germain

“Of course this is why we ask for changes within the diet. As you understand the physiology of minerals, the physiology of your circulatory system, and the physiology of the substance of light, what you are working to achieve is to bring greater light into the cells.
This light of course is carried in all food substances to a greater or lesser degree, but as I have stated before, it is indeed at this time the citrus plants which carry in their fruits and rinds this greater enlightenment for the body. This arcing of energy that comes from the Great Central Sun and onward to your Sun then is able to permeate, allowing this process of the removal of fear at the genetic level and bringing the true divinity forward.
In the Times of Great Changes, many will begin to understand this process. Not only will it be understood at the scientific and dietary level, but the understanding of higher consciousness will be applied alongside it. There will be many who seek to know and understand. Beloved Babajeran too has offered herself to be of service at this time, to bring a greater enlightenment and assistance in this great Time of Global Ascent.”
From: Building the Seamless Garment: Revealing the Secret Teachings of Ascension and the Golden Cities