Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Water of Knowledge

According to the Master Teachers, consciousness requires nourishment—much like the physical body—in order to grow and develop. When the Ascended Masters choose a chela or student to work with, they emit this vital energy to the individual, which transmits an essential substance known as the Water of Knowledge.
The Water of Knowledge functions like an oceanic tidal system and transfers waves of conscious energy of differing degrees of power, force, and intention designed to stimulate and impact the student’s consciousness through various effects.
The constant roll of undulating consciousness moves with precision and timeliness, geared specifically for the student, and his or her level of Mastery and spiritual achievement. Since this energy is specifically unique for the spiritual level and vibration of the individual, and the “work at hand,” Master Teachers often assign a certain day of the week to release the energies of the Water of Knowledge, selected precisely for its vibration, influence, harmony, and Ray Force. Days of the week typically assigned to the Seven Rays are:
1. Sunday: the sun; Ruby and Gold Rays
2. Monday: the moon; White, Blue, and Pink Rays
3. Tuesday: Mars; the Ruby Ray and the Pink Ray
4. Wednesday: Mercury; the Green Ray
5. Thursday: Jupiter; the Yellow Ray
6. Friday: Venus; the White, Blue, and Pink Rays
7. Saturday: Saturn; the Blue and Violet Rays
Balinese Hindus celebrate Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning through specific ceremonies designed to worship “God in his manifestation as the Master of all knowledge.” Contained within this series of ceremonies is the Banyu Pinaruh, also known as the Water of Knowledge. During this ceremony, devotees swim and wash in sacred rivers and lakes, purify their bodies with medicinal herbs, and engage in communal prayers for spiritual knowledge, spiritual wisdom, and good health. “The more knowledge people have, the wiser they should be in speech, thought, and deed; and human life will become more interesting, beautiful, and delightful and full of peace.”
from Divine Destiny