Friday, November 15, 2019

Golden Cities and the Fourth Dimension

This Fourth Dimension is very important in understanding Golden City energies, for many, when they first enter them, hear this high-pitched ring, bringing immediately an alignment of thought, feeling, and action. Upon the entry into the Golden City Vortices, many are receiving an immediate adjustment of the light bodies; this is the high-pitched ring of that high millisecond, enabling a greater alignment through the Divine Will. This great alignment brings an understanding of the Fourth Dimension. It immediately brings a great sensitivity and awareness of the Kingdoms that exist in the unseen. They show us a parallel world that exists alongside the world that we have lived in. This parallel world has an understanding of the world that we live in, yet so few participate with it.

The wizards and the shaman of the past have understood the existence of the Fourth Dimension and they have used it for what would seem to be magic, miracles, and Alchemy. Dear ones, Dear hearts, this is an important understanding for gaining insight into the Fourth Dimension, for it is here that the first major alignment affects Mother Earth and her sojourn into her great change. This will bring about, as you well know, the mighty Earth Changes. These changes will come about through this greater change that is happening within the Fourth Dimension, as many souls enter into this greater understanding. The Fourth Dimension, when understood at this level, has a great impact upon the Animal Kingdom, the Vegetable Kingdom, and also the Mineral Kingdom; each of these Kingdoms of course always interacting in their higher level of understanding.
-Saint Germain from Temples ofConsciousness