Friday, November 15, 2019

Teachings on Sound

Each Ray Force has a specific sound; Master Teachers claim that “light is complemented by sound.”
Sound and light are best friends; these forces combine to form a power.
 According to Saint Germain, sound seals and delivers the essence of the lighted command, which refers to the quality and force of sound. It allows lightto carry forth a conscious intention in the Co-creative process.
 Even though each Ray Force is assigned a sound vibration, chelas and students should meditate on a specific color instead. This process of discovery will lead the student to a personal experience of the sound. Sounds are individualized on a chela’s various experiences, lifetimes on Earth, and working with certain Ray Forces.
 Since sound will naturally seek its own level, the sound vibration heard during meditation is most harmonizing for that individual; it is a sound the student is best prepared to receive.
 Some sounds carry high frequencies and may be difficult for a chela to absorb, harmonize, or apply at first. Revealing the individual sounds of the Rays within their light bodies through meditation assures a custom-fitted sound, designed to assist the interplay of light frequencies in the aura.
 To find your unique sound for decree and mantra listen carefully for a recurring sound vibration during meditation.
 You will soon identify a particular sound beginning with a consonant (e.g., B, C, D, F, G, H …).
 This sound can be used to activate the Kundalini and open chakras and perception to higher spiritual arenas.
 Often the intricate sounds heard during meditation are mathematical harmonies—an expression of the Interplay of the Rays—working to correct deficiencies of the Rays or harmonizing the Rays in the aura of the individual.
 Continued use of the Violet Flame is always recommended while identifying and utilizing personal Ray tones and vibrations.
 Saint Germain often reminds one “Only through your own practice can you experience the force of God working within you.” This personal experience is vital to the evolutionary process; it incites clarity and understanding in the personal desire to serve the Light of God.
by Lori Toye from Light of Awakening