Friday, November 15, 2019

On taking action and making changes.

“Let go of these wounds that you carry, worrying if your mother or father was good enough to bring you forth. Are you not here? Are you now exposed to a greater truth? Have you been exposed to a greater consciousness? The time has come for you to act with this consciousness. Stand up! You are a God-free being. Stand up and put your hand in action if your ears are open and your eyes can see.
Change has always intimidated those who hang on to too much. Accept that change is life. With each movement of the wind and movement of sand is the movement of energy. If we do not participate freely and actively in the movement of energy, we no longer are in service to life. Many of you say and claim, 'I must not move. I must stay put. I must slow down.' Understand, Dear ones, it is this movement, this continuous wave, that is the essence of the breath of life. Find within it the gentle urging and longing to express the freedom of your heart and let this flame of divinity now speak to the world.”
From New World Wisdom Book Two