Friday, November 15, 2019

Saint Germain on Wakefulness

Question: “If you are awake and your collective essence or energy is directly related to the Earth, how do the dead, the asleep, drug addicts, or other abused souls affect the Earth? Compared to how the awake affect the Earth? Does it take a lot more, or is it half and half? Is this going to make a bearing on how soon the Earth crumbles and is destroyed? Does the Earth need the energy of awakened people?”
There is a percentage of people who sleep; there is a percentage of people who are awake. And this has always been and always shall be. However, for the New Dimensions to be opened, and to traverse through time with a leap in consciousness, a certain percentage of wakefulness is required. This of course, must be subjective first, and then understood and experienced on an objective or collective level. The individual choices that you make become choices made for all of humanity.
If one person, one individual, subjectively awakens to this objective ideal and begins to understand how individual choice affects, in essence the whole, then in one small way an opening, a portal, a window for consciousness grows. This is achieved day by day through the holding of thought, visualization, and an understanding of peace. However, there are still those who will remain in a dead zone. These are those who must be left, they must be discarded, as was spoken in the Book of Revelations: two are standing in the field, side by side; one will go, the other will stay. Do you understand? This choosing is not by [a] God. This choosing is through the will, the developed will, the conscious will as God in man!
It is a choice and a commitment to stay firmly rooted. Recognize that when someone is asleep it is not necessarily your responsibility to awaken their slumber, but to allow their choice. For within their dream, some day, they will awaken to the ONE reality, the ONE truth, which is within.
From Points of Perception by Lori Toye