Friday, November 15, 2019

The Wellspring of the Heart's Desire

The wellspring of abundance, love, and creativity. By identifying activities that yield personal joy and happiness, we may discover our Heart’s Desire. Eastern philosophy often refers to this principle as the soul’s specific duty or purpose in a lifetime, or its Dharma. The Heart’s Desire is analogous to the principle of desire – the Ninth Jurisdiction. This evolved perception of desire is based on the true etymology of the word. De, is a French word that means of, and the English word sire, means forefather, ancestry, or source. From this context, Sanat Kumara teaches, “The Heart’s Desire is the source of creation.” Since the Heart’s Desire is one of the most influential principles underlying humanity’s spiritual development and unfoldment, Ascended Master teachings give it utmost importance. It is considered a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual presence that raises the unawakened animal consciousness into human consciousness, and then onward, to the awakened aspirant and the devoted chela.
from Fields of Light