Wednesday, November 13, 2019

The Heart's Desire

Sanat Kumara teaches the Heart’s Desire is the Source of Creation, and this Ascended Master precept is the dominant crux of the Co-creation process. Since the Heart’s Desire is one of the most influential principles underlying humanity’s spiritual development and unfoldment, Ascended Master teachings give it utmost importance.
It is considered a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual presence that raises the un-awakened animal consciousness into the human, and onward to the awakened Aspirant and the devoted chela. Perhaps this spiritual principle lays the important developmental foundation that transitions the chela from passionate engagement with the River of Life to the detached Arhat—a necessary stage before entering the humanitarian duties associated with Mastery.
The Ascended Masters claim that the physical presence of the Flame of Desire lies within the heart nestled inside the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection. As students and chelas perfect the Co-creation process, some teachings suggest the Flame of Desire evolves alongside the Three-Fold or Unfold Flame of Love, Wisdom, and Power into the Four-Fold Flame. In this physical, progressed state, it develops as the fourth White Flame of Creation. - Lori Toye from Divine Destiny