Friday, November 15, 2019

I AM or I AM Presence

The essence of the I AM bridges the physical, the spiritual and the transmigratory activity of human existence. I AM represents God’s infinite spirit; the I AM Presence embodies the individualized presence of God—the relationship between the human self and the Divine Presence within and around us. The resulting energy unites and becomes the taproot of all
God powers: life, intelligence, power, and action.
During each lifetime, the light, life, and energy of the soul flow from the I AM Presence to our physical and light bodies. This twining connection of energy and light—also known as the Silver cord—follows the pull of gravity. Light streams through the crown of the head where it cascades to the heart of the Presence and circulates to the base of the brain: the medulla oblongata. Tiny threads of light radiate energy to every cell of the body. The Hindus call these healing filaments Nadis; chakras form at points of intensity. Light then surges from these tributaries of energy—Nadis and chakras—to a mighty confluence of light energy known as the Pillar of Light or the Tube of Light.
The Ascended Masters rely heavily on the power of the I AM Presence for protection. Conscious calls to the I AM Presence activate the Pillar of Light, insulating lower bodies—causal, astral, and physical—from difficult Karmas. The Pillar of Light and the addition of the Violet
Flame construct a spiritual shelter much like the protective force of mantras, spiritual ceremonies, and prayers. That’s why the consistent practice of these transcendental exercises raises spiritual consciousness: the summoning of greater fields of light ameliorates and eliminates seemingly insurmountable difficulties, and creates miracles.
The Christ Self—also known as the Higher Self or Guardian Angel—protects the physical body, even though it operates at a lower vibratory rate than the Presence. It also provides an intermediary power between the I AM Presence and the outer human form. Simply speaking, this intelligent body of light serves the energies of the I AM as a Step-down Transformer and a propellant of action in the physical plane. Scholars say the bodies of the I AM Presence and the Christ Self are just as tangible in their own realms of vibratory action as the body in its physical world.
 - Lori Toye from Points of Perception