Saturday, November 16, 2019

The Awakening: Ancient Builder Races

The Awakening
     “It was long determined, in the period of time when the atomic bomb was developed and created again upon the Earth that a group or series of souls must return to the Earth to teach the basis of Co-creation, to teach the basis of the collective ONE, and to bring a greater understanding of these laws to humanity. It is indeed an ancient understanding that has been upon this planet before but it is an understanding that must be awakened among the masses. It is based upon that spark within the heart, the perfection of divinity, the heart of love, and the Oneship, but it moves in its greater understanding. As you begin to understand that three plus three equals ONE, as the Law of Balance, a greater balance can then occur.

False Sun Obscures
     This planet that exists behind your solar Sun (I am not referring to the Great Central Sun, or the Galactic Center; I am referring to the local sun), is different from what some have spoken of as the dead Sun that exists within the sun. This dead Sun exists from the birth of that planet, for the planet was thrown off by your Sun in a mighty explosion, or shall we say, cosmic birth. In the same way as moons are carried around planets, a false Sun is attached to your Sun. This false Sun hides and obscures at times the position and location of this planet.

Ancient Builder Races
     The ancestors who came from this planet, at one time had great and deep spiritual knowledge. They understood that the Earth contained the ability to bring life streams forward into greater understanding. Many civilizations were built upon the Earth by the higher groups from this planet. Shamballa and the interaction of it within the Gobi Desert was enacted by several of the great leaders who came from this planet. But as you well know, time as it moves forward in its own sojourn and the re-entrance of Kali Yuga, brought a lessening of light to the planet, and brought a darkness upon the planet. As consciousness was descending during this time, those of the higher knowledge of this planet fled, for they understood the law and that they could become trapped within the annals of history. Other planets then came forward who were greater prepared to handle such tribulation, for lack of a better word.
     These other beings came from groups of planets known as the Pleiades, and several from the Dahl Universe. They came forward into their outpost located upon the planet Venus and then from there, continued bringing forward the spiritual upliftment for those of humanity. Now Dear ones, Dear hearts, I hope that I have brought this into a greater understanding, into a greater perception so you can begin to understand a greater reality.”

-excerpt from the Hidden Planet, by Saint Germain in Awaken the Master Within