Friday, November 15, 2019

Saint Germain on Polarity, Choice, and the ONE

There is a Master we know as the Herakhan Babaji who has said, “There is no saint without a past and that there is no sinner without a future.” They are the same. How may one be a saint on this planet and plane without sin? How can one go forward without knowing what was behind? This is the experience of choice. In choice, you and I are the same. We all have levels of choice. We have levels of understanding. We have levels of discipline. We have levels of acceptance. This is the path of Mastery and the levels of acceptance are unlimited! All that is blocked will be freed! All that is dark will be made light! All that is dark somewhere contains the secret of light! It is through this understanding that creation comes forward and is sustained.
Have you ever considered that there is a dark side of the Moon? Have you ever considered that the Moon does not rotate on an axis as your planet does? Have you ever considered that your Sun, which is a physical manifestation of the Light of God which Never Fails, also has a rotation? By our perspective, from this planetary point, there is a dark side of the Sun and there is a dark side of the Moon. Have you ever considered there is the all-encompassing perspective of the ONE that transports one focus to an infinite focus? Consider that your life is all that you choose. You may choose to accept, you may choose to reject. It is part of your path and it is your Divine Right.
He that chooses to be a farmer may shun the lumber cutter. He that chooses a lumber cutter may shun the farmer. It is a choice. When you make a conscious choice, the outer experience disciplines your perspective of creation. It disciplines your viewpoint. It brings you to these points of understanding. Many of you who have grown gardens know nothing of lumbering. And many of you who have lumbered know nothing of gardening or farming. Choice is infinite experience.
We are all ONE in the sojourn of the experience of creation. We have all planted those seeds and reaped the bountiful harvest. We have all gone to war and conquered. We have all been conquered and have been the victims. This is the experience and there is not one that is more valuable than another! Understand that you are all of these! You are all unto your genetic coding. You and I are ONE. Our experiences are equal. Trials or tribulations, we are the same. It is the same path. It is the path of the Mastery of the self, to learn the discipline of infinite possibility and the expansion of choice.
If you choose to cook one type of food and that food only, that is your focus in that moment. If you neglect the completion of a focus and go to another focus, then that which you left will be spoiled. Finish what you start so your experience is not spoiled. Then, will your experience come to the full fruition, full breath, full life, and full understanding.
From New World Wisdom, Three by Lori and Lenard Toye