Friday, November 15, 2019

Teachings on Starting Anew

The Violet Flame is known for its comprehensive healing properties, especially in matters of self-transformation and Karmic balancing. Saint Germain suggests the use of the Violet Flame to mitigate the following:
1. Harmful Cycles: release outdated, broken, and dysfunctional patterns. Lack of perfection: self-doubt, worry, and guilt. Saint Germain suggests the following decree to diminish fears of all kind:
Violet Flame I AM, God I AM.
Violet Flame, come forward in this instant.
Manifest perfection in, through, and around me!
Violet Flame I AM, God I AM Perfection, Violet Flame.

This decree is powerful enough to crack the voltage of the Blue Flame within the will. Its power is on a par with the electricity-producing force of lightning. Uttering this decree will create the Lightning Crack of Divine Intervention. The simple decree, “Violet Flame I AM, God I AM Violet Flame,” from Saint Germain is meant for everyone. It instantly infuses the Violet Flame in our hearts. This decree lifts human ity out of suffering, limitation, death, and destruction, and into the hopeful vista of a New Day.
2. Forgiveness of Self: The Violet Flame assists the forgiveness of self. Use of its transforming fires transmutes any type of guilt. The Violet Flame is particularly helpful in transmuting the cause and effect surrounding memories that harness our consciousness with negativity and suppress our spiritual growth and evolution.
3. Sins of Self: Our own perceptions keep us trapped in a paradigm of death, decay, destruction, and catastrophe. Saint Germain sees this as a sin against self and encourages the dismantling of these destructive forces by applying the restorative energy of the Violet Flame and its Ray of transmuting light.
4. Know Thyself: Self-knowledge, along with the acknowledgement of our own doubts, limitations, strengths, and talents, is a key component of personal freedom.
from Light of Awakening