Thursday, November 14, 2019

The Step-down Transformer

The processes instigated through the Cellular Awakening rapidly advance human light bodies. Synchronized with an Ascended Master’s will, the awakened cells of light and love evolve the skills of a Step-Down Transformer to efficiently transmit and distribute currents of Ascended Master energy—referred to as an Ascended Master Current (A.M. Current). This metaphysical form of intentional inductive coupling creates an ethereal power grid that can be used for all types of healing.
A.M. Currents release beneficially charged and sometimes spine-tingling rushes of energy throughout the human system. This energy current is often accompanied by an audible high-pitched ring and a visible translucent glow of white or Gold light. Stepdown Transformers report sensations of time slowing down and a body-warming flush as hands, feet, and chakras conduct the high frequency energy.
According to the Master Teachers tuning your body and your consciousness as a Stepdown Transformer resembles a high quality quartz crystal, emitting effulgent Rays of Light and energy from many directions.
Surprisingly, an A.M. Current is calming and soothing. Since the Vibration of fear is effectively extinguished in its wake, the curative and peaceful frequency influences all who come within contact. Transfers of Step-down energies create a remnant force field that is later detectable, and the frequency can change significantly in strength or weakness dependent on the purpose for the release of the AM Current.
Master Teachers often train students to purposely hold and direct Step-down energies of healing love and light on behalf of earth and humanity. Primarily, Step-down Transformers work solely in private to perfect their craft and skill. When accomplished Step-down Transformers gather in groups the spiritual voltage significantly intensifies.
These larger batteries of energy are often circuited into the collective consciousness to bring about positive political change, societal healing, and restorative balance to Mother Earth.
from Points of Perception