Thursday, November 14, 2019

Use of Inner Light

The foundation of Ascended Master education is rooted in the spiritual teachings of the Seven Rays of Light and Sound. The Rays expand esoteric power; the utilization of their energies guides students to the fascinating world of Co-creation. A restorative and sacred journey, where the soul encounters the inherent blueprint of perfection, begins with this venerated science. Knowledge and application of the Seven Rays can emancipate an individual from third-dimensional restraints and transform consciousness into the expanded experiences of the super senses: telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, spontaneous healing, and Unity Consciousness.
A Ray is a perceptible energy, though its presence is often subtle. Only individuals whose attention is tuned to the nuances of the Fourth and Fifth Dimensions may readily detect the esoteric existence of a Ray. Through personal experience, conscious understanding, and various states of awareness and manifestation students refine their ability to recognize the presence of Ray Forces. According to Ascended Master teachings, Ray Forces are present in every aspect of human endeavor; these energies influence the physical, psychological, emotional, and psychic essence of mankind. Rays are said to dispense Karma and direct spiritual evolution—individually and collectively.
by Lori Toye, from Light of Awakening