Saturday, November 16, 2019

Earth's and Humanity's Consciousness Are ONE

Earth’s and Humanity’s Consciousness Are ONE
   "Who creates this magnetic Law of Attraction? Is it the collective consciousness? Or is it the planet itself? Dear hearts, as you cannot disconnect yourself from this planet, we must now look at this as a unity of consciousness, created also from beloved Babajeran, as well as the inhabitants, you, the Earth’s peoples, humanity. At this time, humanity, yes, is being accelerated, not only through its own requirements and evolution but also through its traveling through the universe, seeking a union with that Great Central Sun, the Source of life as it knows it.
   It is through this traveling in the universe that humanity has stumbled upon many other energies that are affecting it at this time. There have been many people who have discussed this in other works; however, to bring certain clarity, I would like for you to understand them as cosmic waves that exist in this universe. Each one of these waves is on the upside or on the downside, much like the movement of energy in the Kundalini. These waves travel from the Central Sun and out to the edges of the galaxy, as you know it. However, there are other waves that travel in a reverse order, for once they are sent out, would they then not return to that source? And then you have the interaction of these waves, weaving, shall we say, one upon the other.
   Now, imagine how long that Sun has existed, spreading these vibrations out through the galaxy and then, these cosmic waves bouncing back. It creates quite a tumbler effect, shall we say. However, there have been those mighty Elohim of consciousness, anchoring themselves on such pivotal planets as Saturn, also on Neptune, who serve as a harmony of sorts and allow a smoothing out of these energies. This gives a soothing effect to those inhabitants on the planet who are in the midst of these waves, who are then able to accept the new evolutionary pattern without it being too severe.
   The Earth is being prepared for one of these evolutionary leaps. You have felt the effect of what I have spoken of as time compaction. This is the traveling of the Earth through these cosmic wave belts, at times feeling like you are jumbling and tumbling through time. Pressure and compaction loosen into long and dreadful times and then, suddenly speed up again. These types of waves cause many problems among those who have not yet learned how to find that inner Source, that inner garden, that wellspring of the God I AM. It causes within them a sense of disruption in the nervous system and also problems in the energetic field. It causes not only an emotional discomfort but also, many of those who encounter this become filled with, shall we say, an animal-like fear. An animal-like presence emerges, as these are vibrations which do affect the instinctual bodies.
   It is important at this time to keep yourself bathed in the Violet Light of Mercy and Compassion. Understand it at all times, as the precious God-light that you carry within, the precious God-light that you extend to others who touch your worlds. It is important to understand these times. It is also important to understand the potential that these times hold.
The Golden City Apex
   As these waves weave their pattern, the magnetic grid across the Earth is also affected. It puts up a protective field over the intersections of each of the grids. This protective field, as it travels throughout each cosmic wave, allows an acceleration at each intersection. This is why we have pointed out to many of you in past discourses why the apexes of Golden City Vortices are considered to be extensively important. These are the places where balance is instantly adjusted for the entire planet, which is somewhat on a roller-coaster ride throughout the galaxy. Not only is there an acceleration, there is also a sense of balance, a sense of unity, and a sense of harmony to those who come and spend time in these specific geophysical locations.
   You will notice that water that is drunk from the center of an apex is healthier for the body, as it is charged with a natural electronic presence, this protective belt which covers the Earth in its travels throughout the cosmos. Not only is the water much more charged but the air itself is the essence of immortality. We have taught you many breath techniques and it is important to use them at this time, particularly in apexes where these intersections are found. It is this grid that makes many shifts as it travels throughout these cosmic waves. And of course, if a grid should have to shift one way or another, often times we are presented with the movement of tectonic plates or the altering wind of oceanic currents, atmospheric currents, and even in some instances, attracting certain asteroids or meteors to impact the planet. Of course these things in their shifting, in their jumbling, and in their tumbling, cause what many people have known as Earth Changes. However, it is important that we begin to understand the science of creation, the science of this planet, and how it travels throughout this time. Then we can understand these things without fear and foreboding, accept the facts as they are, and also accept a New Day with hope, faith, and clarity.
   Dear hearts, we also understand that in these specific intersections, they are also quite sensitized by collective consciousness. How many times have I spoken to you about the use of prayer and thought? How that “right” intention, aligning to that heart’s desire, will create for any of you a richer and fuller day, a richer and fuller day of peace and harmony, Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is this collective consciousness that we shall address in this material. You must begin to understand, as said so many times before, that you are a Divine Being having this experience. You are as gods and goddesses disguised in a color of flesh. You are divine, Dear ones, filled with the essence of the God I AM."

-excerpt from the 6-Map Scenario, Map One, by Saint Germain, from NewWorld Wisdom Book Two