Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Cellular Awakening and its Connection to the Fourth Dimension

by Lori Toye
In order to understand the Cellular Awakening, it is essential to recognize the Fourth Dimension. This dimension of light and sound frequencies houses the invisible kingdoms of nature Devas, gnomes, fairies, and Elementals. These arcane beings, however, are not alone. Certain Akashic records—encoded libraries of Universal Knowledge—also inhabit the non-physical planes of the Fourth Dimension. To communicate with this intangible realm, one must cultivate his or her super-senses: clairaudience, hearing; clairvoyance, vision; clairsentience, feeling; clairalience, scent; and clairgustance, taste. This state of conscious awareness increases telepathic ability, lucid dreaming, and other forms of dimensional perceptibility.