Friday, November 15, 2019

Candle Meditation by El Morya

The Candle Meditation by El Morya is one of the first steps to experience the Divine Light within and calm the mind. Use a long tapered candle, not a jarred glass candle. For this exercise a white candle is preferred, but any color should work. Light the candle and establish a constant, stable flame.
First, sit comfortably; you may use a chair for back support if needed. Look and concentrate on the candle and give attention to the different layers of the light of the flame. You will notice these layers: the outer glow; the yellow-white layer of fire; the center of the wick; and the central inner glow, which sometimes contains a blue or violet hue at the base of the flame. Focus on the overall glow of the candle until you identify the layers of light. Breathe evenly and gently as you concentrate on the light.
As you observe the Flame of Light, continue your rhythmic breath as the light begins to expand and absorb the space between you and the flame. Continue this breathing until you have established a large ovoid of light, including the candle and yourself.
Remain focused in the circle of light and you will begin to notice you are in the flame; the light is even, and it flows with your breath. You may notice a pulse in the energy field you share with the flame. At this state you are ONE with the light. Individuals who practice the Candle Meditation have reported feeling calm and peace, even in extremely stressful conditions.
Sometimes this is accompanied by a high-pitch ring. El Morya asserts the application of the Candle Meditation imparts experience with the consciousness of the ONE and develops human consciousness into the HU-man. The Candle Meditation can be performed individually or in groups.
From: Building the Seamless Garment, Revealing the Secret Teachings of Ascension and the Golden Cities