Friday, November 15, 2019

True Memory

Memory, as defined by Ascended Master teachings, is not seen as a function of the brain, or the soul’s recall of past events. Instead, True Memory is perceived as an essential key that is cultivated and honed in order to obtain the greatest treasure of heaven—immortality.
This is achieved through cultivating our perceptions and adjusting our individual perspective on a situation to the multiple juxtapositions of opinion and experience. The Master Teachers refer to this as the perception of, “a thousand eyes.”
This depth of understanding gives clarity and illumination to every experience. Our skill and Mastery through True Memory move our consciousness beyond common experiences to individualized experiences where our perceptive power hones honesty and accountability.
The innate truth obtained from many experiences through the interplay of multiple roles creates True Memory, and opens the detached and unconditional Law of Love to the chela.
from Divine Destiny