Friday, November 15, 2019

Spiritual Insights on the Time of Change

The Earth and humanity are ONE physiology: a light and energy system that cannot be disconnected. Our lives comprise many sensitive systems that are interrelated and Co-created through an underlying metaphysical hologram of thought, feeling, and action.
 Every individual thought, feeling, desire, and action creates a Collective Consciousness.
 Collective Consciousness influences the outcome of events, and is projected through communal effort in prayer and meditation. This can change a cataclysmic hurricane into a gentle summer rain.
 If you live with fear, you will create fear. If you live with love, you will create love.
 We are living in a Time of Change. This period is evidenced by tremendous changes in our society, cultures, and world politics, in tandem with individual and collective spiritual awakenings and transformations. These events occur simultaneously, with the possibilities of massive global warming, climactic changes, and seismic and volcanic activity – Earth Changes.
 Our positive inner change and transformation help to change society, governments, and the environment. Our conscious choices influence the possibility of Earth Changes, and can change, ameliorate, or avert cataclysm. The three monikers of positive shift are: choice, change, and consciousness.
This is an important time on Earth. The time is now!
from Fields of Light by Lori Toye